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The basic idea: a talk show for the web with just one guest, unusual questions and special games. The basic question: Does anyone want to see that and does it get across?

Luckily yes and more and more great guests from all areas said they would take a seat at Nico Gutjahr in Berlin. But one episode every four weeks quickly stopped working. At first only one episode was filmed, quickly adding more per day and the lead time grew.


Two episodes per month have now been released, showing that Nico was serious. Up to four episodes were produced on one day of shooting, and increasingly top-class guests got involved in the new talk format with games. The first guests pay a second visit and episodes in English were also produced.


This year Nico went all-in and bet everything on the Webtalkshow! From the second half of the year he shot up to 5 episodes a day. Together with the German child help organization „Nummer gegen Kummer“ he published the project „Webtalkshow: Action against hatred and bullying". Together with great singers and musicians he covered songs from Adele to Alanis Morissette and there were strong statements from current and former guests for a better world.


Up to 8 episodes were done after one day of shooting and the Webtalkshow was online twice a week now. The summer special was then even every day and new episodes were created in Berlin and Cologne. The desire to introduce even more great people from all areas grew more and more, so that Nico planned bigger for the coming year.


The new year started with five new episodes a week, and in March the time had come: The web talk show is now the only talk show on the internet worldwide with a new episode every day with celebrities, newcomers and important clubs and organizations also much more tangible and real than anywhere else.

From July onwards, Nico produced completely alone and welcomed guests from all over the world. Sometimes there were 8 episodes per week and viewers are eager to see their stars among the new videos.

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This was just the beginning! Nico has extremely big plans and continues to hope for you to be by his side :)
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Nico told the story himself on the occasion of the 400th episode with great excerpts from all previous years. Have fun taking a look: