Logo Evolution

The German talk can do better and that idea influenced Nico Gutjahr with the "Webtalkshow". No common path, because what nobody knows is not convincing either. But Nico was able to get companions on board for being part of the first episodes.

Nico wanted to produce 12 episodes at the beginning and then see if it met with approval. More and more guests quickly found themselves interested in this new format. But in between, in front of and behind are 1000 unanswered requests and rejections. Giving up? No option! So many exciting people out there combined with Nicos hunger for more was unstoppable and so the continuation was planned.

Almost every episode of season one was filmed in a different location at a day. But the show has to become more economical. Sounds unromantic, but this is the only way to have more episodes, right. At the beginning the show was called “N!CO ”with one episode per month on YouTube.

Fast Forward to 2019 the talk can become even more of a focus so the games were cancelled. Up to 7 episodes on a shooting day have been produced with release twice a week.

2020 was the most heard year. The 400th episode was the last to be made in a studio. Today there are only episodes with Nico in one place and the guests in another. The format is finally independent of time and space. Now everyone can be where he / she / it will be and can be part of the show: From Berlin to Munich, Los Angeles, Tel Aviv, Hamburg, Paris, Reykjavík, Cologne, the desert or the Arctic. Because international guests have been a festive conversation of Nico Gutjahr's talks since 2020.

You can find out more about the wild times and the way here in the 400th Webtalkshow in German with Nico Gutjahr as a guest: