Conditions of participation for competitions


The competition is not connected to any social media provider (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) and is in no way sponsored, supported or organized by social media - unless it is explicitly stated. The recipient of the data and information provided by the participant is not a provider of social media, but the operator of or related accounts (imprint). All questions, comments or complaints about competitions should be directed to


Participation in the competition is only possible under the conditions of participation listed here. The minimum age for participation is 18 years. If the organizer becomes aware of technical manipulations or any other violation of these conditions of participation, he will exclude the participant from the competition. Web talk show employees are excluded from participation. The same applies to their relatives or partners.


Participation in the competition is free. By participating in the competition, the participant accepts the conditions of participation.


Participation takes place via the named options (e.g. by email with the appropriate subject). Contests end after 7 days and other opportunities to participate, except for those mentioned, are not taken into account.


Submissions and contributions that violate the Facebook guidelines, German law and / or copyright will be excluded from the competition without prior notice. No illegal or immoral content may be uploaded. In the event of violations, the participant is responsible for any legal violations and indemnifies the organizer from third-party claims including the necessary costs of legal defense and legal prosecution. The participant allows the use of his submitted data (e.g. address), which will be deleted after sending the prize, if it is something physical.


The winner will be informed by email or private message via Instagram or Facebook - depending on the type of competition. The winner must report back within 14 working days via the respective channel and provide their contact details. If a winner does not respond within this period, the prize will be awarded again to all participants.


The winner has no right to financial distribution of the prize. There is no general entitlement to the prize, only those who are determined by lottery will receive the prize.


The organizer reserves the right to interrupt or end the competition at any time without prior notice and without giving reasons and will make use of this right in particular if the further implementation of the prize draw cannot be guaranteed for technical or legal reasons.


The judges' decision is final. These conditions of participation and the entire legal relationship between the participants and the operator of the account are exclusively subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. Should individual provisions of the conditions of participation be or become invalid, the validity of the remaining conditions of participation remains unaffected. These conditions of participation can be changed at any time by the operator of the account without separate notification.